20150116 – Friday

MOBILITY – senior portrait lat lax ball smash and floss. 4min/side. See video for instruction ( http://youtu.be/kiJ6SSaqN5Y ).

This is going to be spicy so stay calm and don’t forget to breathe. An awesome mobilization to do after a lot of pull-ups, ring rows, erging, or toe-to-bars.

MINDFULNESS – 20min of box breathing before Monday. Can be done all at once or broken up into chunks throughout the weekend. See below for video instruction resources.

The mindfulness assignment for today is a step up from past ones- I want you to keep pushing without getting discouraged. A mindfulness practice is above all a practice. Aim for progress, not perfection.

Mental willpower and grit is just like any muscle you use to lift- you gotta build it up slowly and carefully. Easy gains are lost easily. Build that foundation over time so you can begin to rely on it for strength.

My own mindfulness practice changes a bit everyday due to the constraints of that particular day. Maybe I only have five minutes before I gotta go coach two classes back to back- but I make sure I give myself that five minutes to center my mind.

That’s why I totally encourage you to approach this assignment in chunks. Spread your practice out over several days and note the effect on how you feel immediately afterwards, several hours later, and how the regularity of the practice makes it easier to slip into that flow state the next day.

On the importance of routines: http://youtu.be/M4knrgVDKtg

Intro to box breathing: http://youtu.be/fVCDox8xhLI

Guided 5min box breathing: http://youtu.be/9R8776Outos

Like this post if you smash those lats. Comment below with your plan for the 20min of box breathing assignment- are you going to do it all at once, spread it out over the weekend? If you spread it out, when are you going to do it, in the morning, afternoon, or before bed? I wanna know!

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