20150114 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – basic couch stretch, 4min/side. See video for instruction (http://youtu.be/7hE7TIH6vnE ).

This is a great thing to do while already sitting on the couch and watching TV. Keep the points of performance down (butt tight, ribcage down) before you get those arms overhead– really make sure you are opening up your shoulders without compromising spinal stability.

MINDFULNESS – 30 breath Price is Right!

What is your 2015 intention? What is your chunk goal? Have you been working towards those intentions? If so, how? If not, what are the obstacles in your way? Can you think of a way to overcome them or perhaps even side-step them to make good, nuturing decisions the easiest decisions to make?

With this in mind, go to your quiet space, find your cozy seat. Take ten slow breaths to get settled in your mindfulness practice and exhale the day away. Only thing that matters right now is the next few minutes. Set a timer for 5min with an alarm. Close your eyes, and count your breaths up to thirty (30) with five count inhale/exhale.

If you do it right, your thirtieth breath should be around the 5min mark. After 30, open your eyes and see how close to 5min you were. If you went over, that’s still awesome, you got in the zone!

Before you get up and continue your day, think back on your intention and chunk goal, and get after them.

Like this post if you hit the basic couch stretch! Comment with your thoughts regarding the thirty breath exercise!

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