20150112 – Monday

MOBILITY – door frame external rotation crank, 4min/side. See video for instruction ( http://youtu.be/AUfdGz0Nr6o ). Don’t forget to test and retest.

This is a great mobilization to complete before you go overhead (activates the small stabilizers for good positioning), after sitting at a desk for a few hours, or just if your shoulders are feeling junky.

MINDFULNESS – death by intentional breath (:P). Sounds worse than it really is!

Find your quiet space and cozy seated position. Set a timer for 10min with alarm, close your eyes and take three breaths to center yourself and get settled in your mindfulness practice. Think back on your intention and your chunk goal to achieve that intention.

With a five count inhale/exhale, start to count your breaths. Keep counting and breathing until you lose track (thus the “Death By”!). Your “score” is the last breath count you remember.

Equally important as the “score” is being aware of what you were thinking about when you lost track of your count.

Did your mind wander to some stressful task you have to do later in the day? Did you start thinking about some stupid thing you said yesterday, or yesteryear? Why did your mind go there, and why did it interrupt your practice? Just be aware. It happens to us all, don’t beat yourself up.

If you make it all the way to the 10min timer, your score is breath count plus high five for being awesome.

Like this post if you complete the door frame external rotation crank. Comment below with any observations about your practice as well as your death by intentional breath count.

Here is a video regarding the importance of the exhale (http://youtu.be/67_LKfTaSU0 ) that didn’t get posted with a previous post! Use the exhales to your advantage, they are the most important part!

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