20150107 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – seated hamstring lax ball smash and floss 4min/side.

Test your hamstring flexibility with a quick toe touch before and after to see how it feels and if this stuff works!

See video for instruction (http://youtu.be/lrlya922BqE ).

MINDFULNESS – find your quiet space, set a timer for 10min with alarm, close your eyes and find a cozy seated position. Think about your gratitude for the past year, your intention for 2015, and your chunk goal to achieve that intention.

Now, we play the Price is Right with our breath- keep your eyes closed until you believe that 10min has passed without going over. The goal is to get as close to 10:00 as possible without hearing the buzzer.

You might be surprised if you just wing it- your sense of time without an external frame of reference is pretty skewed. Try counting your breaths with a five count inhale/exhale, and right around sixty is where ten minutes should be.

Like this post if you hit the mobility work. Comment below with your Price is Right time! Closest to 10min gets a big high five.

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