20150105 – Monday

MOBILITY – Anterior shoulder lax ball smash, 4min/side. See video for instruction ( http://youtu.be/d0fKel_0bbI ), you’ll need a lax ball or similar tool for this. If you don’t have one, get one! It’s such a great thing to have as an athlete with immense ROI. Take care of yourself.

MINDFULNESS – 5min box breathing, set a timer with alarm. See video for instruction ( http://youtu.be/fVCDox8xhLI ) and feel free to play this video and just follow along ( http://youtu.be/9R8776Outos ).

Find your quiet place, find your seat, close your eyes, reflect on your intention for the year and your chunk goal- have you been working towards them? If yes, awesome! If not, don’t get down on yourself, identify what obstacles got in your way and how can you avoid them in the future.

Deepen your breath, and start to box breathe. Play around with the count if you are riding solo, work your way up the count if you are feeling adventurous. Think of your intention and chunk goal if your mind wanders, and come back to it when the alarm sounds, but before you open your eyes. No score on this one, just completion.

Like this post if you complete the mobility, comment below with thoughts on the box breathing or this M&MWOD experiment as a whole!

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