20150102 – Friday

MOBILITY – Door frame shoulder crank 4min/side. See video for instruction (http://youtu.be/zzYNj0lDo1w ) and after you finish one arm test both arms overhead and see how much range of motion you reclaimed.

Distraction level – conversation, tv, or podcast. Again, use your phone as a timer not a distraction.

MINDFULNESS – You’ve set your big badass intention for 2015 (or maybe you haven’t yet, nbd, join up now!), maybe it’s that bodyweight snatch or maybe it’s a lifestyle/behavior change. Now we want to break that large goal into smaller, more digestible chunks to crush on our way to 2016.

If you have a number based goal, like adding 50# to your clean and jerk, then it’s relatively easy math- if you add one pound to your C&J/week, you’ll get there no problem. Realistically, you won’t be maxing out every week, so maybe increasing five pounds a month is a better schedule. So your goal for January should be to add those 5# to the bar, but more specifically how will you do that?

By creating behavioral habits! Make it into the gym three times a week in January, and get there a bit early to work on your Olympic lifting technique, or maybe your handstand to make receiving the jerk a bit easier. Or hit the burgener/thacker method warm-up everyday to groove the snatch positions into your body.

You went big with the overall intention for the year, but you need to think small for these chunk goals. Small habits done regularly stick better than big habits done intermittently. In the same way you carefully chose your intention, think thoughtfully on your chunk goal.

Now that you have your chunk goal in mind, go to a quiet place, find a cozy seat, close your eyes and carefully visualize your chunk goal.

Deepen your breath until you are at about a five count inhale and a five count exhale. Push that belly out on the inhale while keeping the collarbone down, and squeeze the belly on the exhale.

Perform four (4) sets of ten (10) breaths, with that five count inhale/exhale. Come back to your chunk goal between sets, or if you lose track. Don’t get mad at yourself if your mind wanders, just think about that goal and restart that set. “Score” is total number of sets.

Like this post if you complete the door frame mobility, comment below with your total numbers of breath sets and chunk goal, if you are comfortable sharing it.

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