20141231 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – two phase couch stretch, 4min/side. See attached video for some instruction ( http://youtu.be/KA5sXmnvNbc ) and don’t worry if your head and shoulders get nowhere near that wall in the vertical position. All I want is the butt squeezed, the ribcage pulled down, and for you to breathe- everything else is just gravy on top.

Distraction level – none. For most of you it will take full concentration to keep the points of performance.

MINDFULNESS – we’ve expressed gratitude for 2014, now it’s time to look forward to 2015 and set an intention for the coming year.

Setting an intention is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself to achieve large goals, if done correctly. A properly set intention is a strong positive message to your unconscious ape-brain. Your ape-brain doesn’t understand language, but it does understand feelings and images, which is why pre-visualization is such a strong technique.

What is a positive intention? It is a clear goal or idea you want in your life: “I want to hit a bodyweight snatch in 2015” is a simple, but positive, intention. Bonus points if you can visualize the actual weights on the bar as you complete the movement.

“I want to stop eating junk food” is a negative intention: your ADD-addled subconscious will only hear “junk food” and lock onto that. Avoid negative words in your intention (never, stop, end, don’t, can’t) and think about addition to your life, not subtraction. If you accumulate good habits, the bad ones will fall away naturally.

Language can be a powerful ally or your worst enemy, just like your subconscious brain. Carefully and thoughtfully choose your intention just like a warrior chooses their weapon. This will be yours in the coming year. Don’t be afraid to dream big.

Now that you have set an intention for 2015, let’s utilize it!

Find your quiet space, get into a cozy seated position, and set a timer for 5min with an alarm once it hits zero. Close your eyes, slowly and carefully visualize your intention for the coming year. Now take deep breaths and count them.

Keep count until the five minutes are up, but if you lose track of your number, don’t get mad at yourself. Notice to what thoughts your mind wandered, come back to your intention, and reset your count. “Score” is your final breath count when the alarm rings. Before you open your eyes, though, think of your intention one last time.

Like this post if you complete the mobility work.

Comment below with your final breath, and your intention for 2015 if you are comfortable sharing it.

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