20141229 – Monday

MOBILITY – 10min of active squat work. Stand up and shake it out as necessary, and note how many times you need to stand up, try to reduce that number next time we hit this. See attached video for further details (http://youtu.be/6nR2I6WXbvY ).

Distraction level – tv, conversation, or podcast. Use your phone as a timer, not a distraction so no texting or checking Facebook.

MINDFULNESS – We are now in the awkward time between the winter solstice, Christmas, and the new year.

The work for today is an exercise in gratitude for 2014.

Find a quiet place to do some breathing work. Close your eyes. Set an intention of gratitude for the past year- something for which you are thankful. It can be as simple as your pet dog who loves you unconditionally, as personal as a loved one who has passed, or as difficult as a challenge you have overcome that has spurred growth in you. See the attached video for advice about positioning and mindset ( http://youtu.be/1aQQhyAuAFs ).

Once you have your intention of gratitude, begin to count your breathes up to twenty. If you lose track of your count, if you get distracted or your mind wanders, think of your intention of gratitude and begin your count again at zero.

When you hit twenty, think of your intention and literally give thanks out loud. Speak words of gratitude. Now you are done, and have the extra credit option of telling your object of gratitude that you are thankful!

Like this post when you have completed the mobility work. Comment below with your intention of gratitude if you are comfortable sharing it.

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